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Dr. Iman Mirhosseini

B.D.Sc (Charles Sturt University) B.Sc (University of Otago) PGDip.Sci (University of Otago)

Iman graduated from Charles Sturt University in Orange, NSW. During his training, he travelled to many regional and remote areas and also spent time volunteering with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, providing dental care to isolated communities across Australia. Prior to his dental training, he completed a Bachelor of Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Anatomy and biomaterials at Otago University , Dunedin, New Zealand.

Iman has a gentle touch and caring approach to his patients; he takes pride in taking extra care and pays attention to detail.

Dr. Rik Sandstrom

B.D.S. (Sydney University)

Rik studied at Sydney University and graduated in 1982. After practicing and studying for a year in Sweden, he started working as a dentist in private practice. Rik has worked as a dentist in the upper Blue Mountains for over 30 years. Dr Rik believes in perfecting all facets of his dentistry and extensively attends courses learning from industry leaders.

Rik is passionate about dental health and ensuring that his patients understand what is needed and why. Rik has an excellent ability of explaining dental procedures so they are easy to understand.

Dentist Blue Mountains

Dentist Blue Mountains

Dr. Gabrielle Cusack

B.D.Sc. (Melbourne University)

Gabrielle graduated from Melbourne Dental School in 1974. She then practised in Gippsland and Bendigo before taking a break from the profession to have a family and pursue other interests in NSW. Gabrielle returned to dentistry in the mid 1990’s and became the Chief Dental Officer for the Westfund clinic in Lithgow. Gabrielle has a particular interest in using composite resin for direct veneers, fillings and the restoration of worn teeth. Gabrielle joined the team at Leura Dental is 2003.

Gabrielle has a unique ability in mixing modern day dental practices mutually beneficial with alternative medicine and lifestyles. She believes in listening to her patients and trying to find a dental solution. Gabrielle enjoys working and living in the upper Blue Mountains.

Dr. Alan Trinh

B.D.S. (USyd) Grad. Dip. Clin. Dent (Oral Implants) (USyd) MRACDA (GDP) 

Alan graduated from Sydney University in 2001 and has traveled and worked right across NSW, working both in rural and regional centers. He has previously held associate Lecturer and Clinical Associate titles with the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Sydney University and involved with teaching dental graduates in Oral Surgery.

Alan is passionate about dental implants and has completed many courses locally and internationally along with his Sydney University postgraduate and Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry he heads our Wisdom Teeth and Oral Surgery Clinic. He has also been admitted as a member of the Australasian Collage of Dental Surgeons where now assists in their examinations.

Dentist Blue Mountains

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Mahsa Haghdoust: Dental Hygienist

B.Oral Health (University of Otago)

Mahsa studied at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, graduating with a Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy. She has worked as a dental hygienist/ Therapist for the last eight years which has given her a solid experience base. She has worked with both children and adults and loves sharing her knowledge and educating her patients. Her clinical role focuses on diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative care, all designed to maximise your oral health.

Mahsa has an eye for detail, a gentle hand and specialised skills. She is committed to treating each individual patient with the highest level of care, and attention always.

Gavin Cusack: Dental Prosthetist

Higher Certificate in Dental Prosthetics & Diploma of Dental Hygiene (Melbourne University)

After many years as a Dental Technician, Gavin completed his Dental Prosthetist qualification in Sydney in 1999 and then graduated from Melbourne University as a dental hygienist in 2005. Gavin currently chooses to concentrate on his dental prosthetist work, ensuring that our patients have well-fitting dentures that allow them to eat well, speak well and smile with natural looking teeth.

Gavin takes pride in his work and will not stop until he has perfected the denture to suit the individual. When needed Gavin makes nursing home visits to his patients. His gentle and caring approach to his work is a great reassurance to his patients.

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